Loved Ones Remembered

Memorial Service

In an effort to remember loved ones who have passed, we gather together and honor their memory by reading their names and sharing a moment in time together. This annual non-denominational gathering began in 2021 – members of the Kilmarnock United Methodist Church Bell Choir rang bells honoring each name given by attendees; candles were lit Together, in Grief, with Courage, for Memory, of Love, and of Hope; there was a short reading, and the service finished with Taps. Please join us in 2022 – details will be added soon.  

The 2021 “Loved Ones Remembered” Memorial Service was held on December 7th at Kilmarnock Town Center Park

Bay Center Memorial Service
The Bay Center Memorial Service 2021
A special thanks to Laura Reeves & Lyn Conley of the Kilmarnock United Methodist Church Bell Choir, who did the ringing of the bells when names were read, and to Birt Cory who played Taps. Also, thanks to Alan Rock, Carmela Crawford, Jim Johnson, Susan Moseley, Lee Archard, Nora Harvey, Cheri Bennett, and Janine Snader.
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