Rejuvenate: Movement and Mindfulness Practices to Support Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health

Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:30pm • April 6 - May 11

Motion Studios • 15 E. Church Street, Kilmarnock

The springtime themed “Rejuvenate” 6-Week Movement and Mindfulness series will hold time and space for participants to learn mindfulness and stress-relief techniques that may easily be incorporated into their everyday lives. After a long 2+ years of living through a pandemic, in addition to life’s general stressors, people are seeking a sense of peace, wellness, and human connection. Our 6-week series intends to deliver a variety of oldie-but-goodie and new mindfulness techniques through creative and intentional movement, breathing, and meditation. 

This program will be facilitated by Morgann Rose, a Principal Ballerina and GYROTONIC ®  instructor with over 20 years of professional experience in the field. She will be joined by three guest experts – David Scarbrough, Carmela Crawford, and Anna Pomaska – who will focus their special class on (respectively) meditation, psychotherapy and healing through mindfulness, and breath yoga and Qi Gong. 

Mental Wellness is one of the Bay Center’s three areas of focus and our goal is to provide programs that encourage the self-awareness and nurturing of one’s mental wellness. We believe this unique series will fulfill this goal by blending movement and activity with mindfulness and meditation, ultimately boosting the mental, physical, and emotional wellness of its participants. Our hope is that all participants will walk away from the series with new tools in their pocket to help them approach stress in a healthy, effective way, and also help keep their everyday stresses and anxieties at a minimum.

Morgann Rose

Morgann Rose of Motion Studios

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