The Robert B. Lantz Foundation

The vision of the Robert B. Lantz Foundation is “To provide viable and relevant educational and charitable support to the clerical, pastoral and health care workers of the Northern Neck of Virginia.”  

The Foundation supported the Bay Center’s 2013 “A Year of Health and Wellness for Helping and Healing Professionals” and continues to support the Bay Center today.

The Rev. Robert Bryan Lantz was a Lutheran minister and an Association of Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor. After receiving his certificate in Patient Counseling from the Medical College of Virginia in 1964, the Rev. Lantz accepted a position as Chairman of the Chaplain’s Department for the Baltimore City Hospitals. In subsequent years, he directed programs at the Memphis Institute of Medicine and Religion and taught pastoral counseling at St. Paul’s College in Washington, D.C., Memphis Theological Seminary, and the University of Tennessee Medical Units School. In 1973, he founded the Maryland Institute of Pastoral Counseling. The Rev. Lantz served on the board of trustees of the Medical College of Virginia Foundation in 2006 and spent nearly 15 years as Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Program in Patient Counseling.  

The Rev. Lantz found his Medical College of Virginia residency to be the richest educational experience of his life, forming the foundation of his professional career. It was his vision to provide educational opportunities and support to clergy and medical professionals located in the Northern Neck of Virginia.

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